Posted by: migachan | January 4, 2014

Day Trip: Harrison Hot Springs

How: By Car (If one were to take the bus form Vancouver … take Greyhound to Chilliwack then take city bus #1)

Someone drove and on the way to Harrison Hot Springs, we stopped by British Columbia’s own Westminster Abbey!  It’s locate in Mission and was built in 1939 by  Benedictine monks.

The Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey

The land is actually quite big and includes an Abbey Farm where they raise chicken, cattles an pigs as well as other vegetation.

Inside the abbey

Inside the abbey

The church was opened for the public … it was quite serene

the tinted windows

the tinted windows

Further down a path from the church is also a nice viewpoint where people can see a fantastic view of the farmlands in the Fraser Valley .. except during rainy days when .. the below happens >.<  (this is why people go on vacations during October and November … gloomy weather).  Addy: 34224 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Mission, BC V2V 6V4

the view

the view

Finally made it to Harrison Hot Spring after some odd roads and turns… The small town only has 1500 residents but its a popular getaway for the Vancouverites and people from nearby towns.  Apparently, there are two hot springs, called Potash and another called Sulphur.

Most people stay at the Hot Spring Spa and Resort and thereby gets access to their hot spring … others who aren’t staying there can go to the Public Pool, which looks more like a swimming pool facility more than anything.  The pool has also has an admission fee.

Apparently though … the public has also been going to the spa and resort, by following actual guests into the doors (you need a room card to go through the doors) …. sometimes, the door is already opened and everyone and anyone can just enter.

The hot spring has 2 indoor spa and three outdoors.  The one indoor is the hottest, which actually feels like a spa 🙂   …  The ones outside has an over 18 pool and another one which doesn’t have an age limit (as well as another that looks like a pool and I think it is).  There is also no restrictions on what you can bring into the spa, which means people brought coffee, beer, cameras .. and even snorkeling gear (seriously?!).  Some people even wore t-shirts and shorts … There were also people jumping into waters, having water fights … yep..maybe it was bad timing… Didn’t take any photos of the spa :S

The lake at Harrison

The lake at Harrison

For those that aren’t a fan of hot springs, there are also kayaking, farm tours, etc… Last time I came with my family, we just walked around the lake an went home.

Christmas at Harrison ...

Christmas at Harrison …

Travel date: Some time in late November 2013.



  1. thanx so much-these r amazing pic shots of the colored windows -especially-the ceilings vaulted,arches–where do they get all the cash to build this-taxpayers-lol

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